SEYLER ran for MAYOR 2023


GREETINGS NEIGHBORS: I am DANIEL ZELLERS SEYLER, I moved to WARREN COUNTY, NEW JERSEY in 1978. I moved to PHILLIPSBURG, NEW JERSEY in 1992 after my retired father sold our family farm. Some may know me, I've run for public office before. CONTACT: 22 N MAIN ST., PHILLIPSBURG , NJ 08865-2325 - PHONE: 908-859-0986 - EMAIL:

For the benefit of any one who does not know me, allow me to restate my motto espoused since October 1989. 


TODAY IS DECEMBER 18, 2023, THE ELECTION DID NOT TURN OUT AS WELL AS EXPECTED. I guess we will need to deal with three long term problems my Democrat and Republican opponents seem oblivious to: MORE HOUSING, SENSIBLE PARKING and LOWER TAXES.  Correcting these problems is why I ran for MAYOR.

I continue to ask the question, "WHO BENEFITS?" and remain very skeptical about what will happen next. I say, " Hope for the best and prepare for more of the same. "  

After I moved to PHILLIPSBURG in 1992, I became interested in PHILLIPSBURG HISTORY. From talking with neighbors and reading books about PHILLIPSBURG HISTORY, I discovered a few minor contradictions. In the 30 years since 1992, I spent many hours in the deed rooms of Belvidere, New Jersey Court House and Newton, New Jersey Court House where I traced Phillipsburg history back to 1713. It was reported in a deed to Valentine Bidleman dated 1795 the King of England reportedly granted for debt 1666 acres of land owned by the Chintewink Tribe north of what we now call UNION SQUARE. WHO BENEFITTED? The King of England and new property owners of lands they did not legally possess.

HOW DID PHILLIPSBURG BECOME THE WAY IT IS TODAY ?  As stated, I've been researching Phillipsburg History since 1992. Whenever I ask the question : "HOW DID PHILLIPSBURG BECOME THE WAY IT IS TODAY?" for some reason, I discover key turning point events lead back to  the year 1947. I find wrong decisions based on bad advice. It seems we simply shrug and move on without full recovery. I'll offer a few wrong decisions that bother me. It bothers me that Town Hall at 675 Corlis Avenue was managed so poorly that the building needed to be abandoned. As you know, Town Hall is now located at 120 Filmore Street. I don't know the whole story behind the causes of the problems on Corliss Avenue. Further, I cannot list all wrong decisions that placed us on our present course, that could take fifty pages.

I am considered an OUTSIDER because i was not "BORN AND RAISED" in Phillipsburg, therefore, my research is not biased in any way. To explain my position, I borrow a line from George Bernard Shaw that I learned from President John F. Kennedy and I apply that line to Phillipsburg, New Jersey. "Many see Phillipsburg as it is today and ask, 'WHY?' I imagine how Phillipsburg could be and ask,'WHY NOT?'  "  If elected, I will not dwell on past wrong decisions, I will not point a finger or try to humiliate anyone. I will suggest programs to benefit as many residents as possible, my goal is always to benefit EVERYONE.  STAY TUNED 

Photo March 2023

Two more decisions that adversely affect EVERYONE. BAGS AND BOAT RAMP PARKING. BAGS: On the surface, the plan to stop using bags at grocery stores seems logical. The backers are MISINFORMED in the belief that plastic bags are destroying the environment. Please, step back and look at the bigger picture, What will we now use for kitchen garbage can liners? For 60 years I've been using grocery store bags for kitchen trash can liners. So what now? Are we expected to buy plastic trash can liners? Won't that hurt the environment same as grocery store plastic bags ? OR, should kitchen trash simply be dumped into larger outside cans for trash pick-up ? That can get messy if the large trash cans get knocked over by wind or mischief. Who benefits from this law ? Maybe the plastic bag manufacturers ? BOAT RAMP PARKING needs improvement: Sadly, Boat Ramp PARKING was done without proper preparation the first time and it is being done wrong again in 2022. I will fix this problem after I am elected.


PHILLIPSBURG TRAFFIC BACKUP: About every twenty years there is needed maintenance on the FREE BRIDGE. When bridge maintenance started in the beginning of JULY 2022 I started studying traffic flow on South bound North Main Street. I noticed there are traffic backups of more than 38 South bound vehicles that are headed to cross the FREE BRIDGE. I studied the traffic light times on the New Jersey side of the bridge and the Pennsylvania side of the bridge.  THIS IS RESULT FROM AN ONE MONTH STUDY DURING JULY 2022. The back ups on North Main / Broad Streets in Phillipsburg, New Jersey seem to be caused by the timing sequence of the traffic light on the Pennsylvania side of the bridge. The traffic light stays RED for longer than it stays GREEN. Specifically, the light that allows traffic to exit the bridge into Pennsylvania stays green for 35 seconds and the same light stays red for 40 seconds. That seems minor, but consider two things, The DRJTBC is allowing 45 cars backed up on the bridge and into New Jersey 35 seconds to get through the Pennsylvania traffic light but only about 20 vehicles can get through the light. On the Pennsylvania side, there are normally 6 cars on Route 611 South that are given 40 seconds to get through the same traffic light.  Tuesday, August 16, 2022 I spoke at Phillipsburg Town Council meeting and suggested,"When traffic on North Main / Broad Streets gets backed up on the New Jersey side,  this should trigger a change in the Easton Traffic light sequence. The light should stay GREEN for 2 minutes and RED for 1 minute. Then, when the North Main Street back up decreases to 20 cars, the light sequence may change to the original setting of 40 seconds GREEN and 40 seconds RED." My suggestion should solve the problem, it might need minor adjustments. Thursday, August 25, 2022 the Easton traffic light was staying green for longer sequences and traffic was not backed up in Phillipsburg. From what I understand, the traffic flow was being controlled by a bridge Guard. At about 7:00 PM the light sequence was reset to about 40 seconds GREEN and 40 seconds RED and New Jersey traffic backed up again. Since my study proved traffic back ups can be prevented by manual control, my conclusion is that the traffic is being backed up intentionally, but I don't know why. 

Please stop again, I will be adding ideas and opinions for your consideration.